Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

TRAM and BUS Charters, and other SERVICES


The Society can provide special tram charters to interested groups, generally in conjunction with the Ferrymead Heritage Park, by contacting the Traffic Manager by e-mail on traffic@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz, by referring to the contact us page, or by contacting Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Our decorated Wedding SpecialS

THS- Wedding Specials    THS- Wedding Specials

Getting Married?
Why not travel in style by decorated tram to the Church at Ferrymead Heritage Park.

THS Wedding Specials

With ample car parking available off Ferrymead Park Drive and adjacent to our tram barn, we have 'park and ride' facilities for your guests.

The Bride and Groom may also choose to also travel in style by tram to their wedding.

THS - Wedding Specials

After the service, we wait for a period for photos to be taken, then return guests to the car park

For more details of the venues visit Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Note: The actual tram and trailer used, and the decorations may vary depending on the weather, and availability for service.

Special Bus Charters

Charters on the societies heritage buses can be arranged, of particular interest being the genuine 1950 London double decker bus. Contact the Bus Bookings by email on buses@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz, or by contacting the Ferrymead Heritage Park.